• It contains zero THC. Believe it or not, some people have actually failed drug tests after taking full-spectrum CBD oil, as many of the most popular brands have trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%) in them. To be completely on the safe side, a lot of people prefer the fact that crystals are 100% THC-free.
  • You can add them to food and drinks. You can certainly add CBD oil to food and drinks as well, but since the compound is already saturated in a lipid base, it doesn’t really serve many purposes to actually cook with it or eat it with food. CBD crystals, on the other hand, can be added to all sorts of food and drinks in order to get a potent CBD dose without having to administer any kind of raw-tasting oil.
  • You can dab them and use them in vapes! If you’re unfamiliar with CBD dabbing, it’s basically a new technique that people are using to vape/inhale incredibly potent doses of CBD, for an intense therapeutic response.


If one of these techniques appeals to you over using an oral-based CBD tincture, then perhaps CBD crystals will be the perfect way for you to experience the effects of the powerful compound. Without further ado, here are four great ways to use CBD crystals for maximum potency:

  • Put them into edibles | Probably the main reason that people prefer CBD crystals over CBD oil is that you can basically cook with them however you please. You can add them to cookies, brownies, or other sweets, sprinkle them into your tea or coffee, bake with them, or even sprinkle them on top of a fancy pasta dish like parmesan cheese. All of these are incredibly tasty (and convenient) ways to get a potent CBD dose.
  • Dab them | Like we mentioned, dabbing CBD for max potency is becoming a pretty popular trend – even among the older crowd that uses CBD for pain and inflammation-relieving purposes. In order to dab CBD crystals, however, you’ll of course need to invest in a dab rig, which may or may not be something that you’re willing to spend additional money on.
  • Turn them into a therapeutic CBD cream | There are a lot of homesteader-type folks out there who know how to throw together a great all-natural healing balm, and adding CBD crystals to a topical cream like this can be a great way to boost the therapeutic effects. Many people are finding that they can even work to relieve muscle soreness and chronic arthritis-induced joint pain.
  • Make your own CBD oil | Lastly, there are an increasing number of people out there who are simply choosing to make their own homemade CBD oils by infusing pure CBD crystals into an MCT oil or coconut oil. Doing this not only allows you to add the exact ingredients you want (and have peace of mind that the product is safe and all-natural), but it also allows you to measure out precise doses rather than trust the potentially shoddy labeling of some other brand.
  • Bonus! – Use them in a vaporizer or vape pen! | OK so we couldn’t help ourselves – we had to include a 5th reason how to use CBD crystals, and given the insane popularity of CBD vaping these days, this one made perfect sense. In order to vape CBD crystals, all you have to do is sprinkle some into your vape pen or vape mod box cartridge (make sure it’s not a dry herb vaporizer, though), power on the device, and voila! – you’re inhaling potent, therapeutic doses of CBD in a manner that (at least according to most people) is much safer than actually smoking.

1000mg Container 99% Pure Crystals

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  • Very safe product. Used for pain and relaxing from anxiety and stress.

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